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Defra Review of Waste Policy

Government Review of Waste Policy in England 2011 mentions the waste efficiency 'Health Checks' that WasteConsulting carry out on behalf of iESE. (see link: http://www.defra.gov.uk/publications/files/pb13540-waste-policy-review110614.pdf )

The reviews have been developed and conducted exclusively by WasteConsulting. To date these have identified huge savings for Councils, averaging over £500K p.a. for each one undertaken – see Waste Services Review page of our website for more details).

An extract of the Waste Review follows:

140 With local authorities facing strict funding constraints it is particularly important that we work together to find efficiencies through better procurement, shared services, and combined decision-making. Joint working will give authorities stronger bargaining power when setting up contracts and allow for economies of scale, such as in procuring collection fleets. Local authorities need to have the tools and expertise to procure services better, both by working together to achieve economies,and by using framework contracts based on minimum service standards, around which details can be negotiated to fit local needs.

141 Defra already works closely with iESE (Improvement and Efficiency South East, the lead Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership on waste) to support partnership working, and funding has already been given to a number of developing partnerships across the country. Nearly every local authority in England now accesses the Waste Improvement Network, administered by iESE with Defra support, and many rely either on WRAP advice on the provision of cost-effective waste services, or iESE expertise and advice on procurement, partnership creation or on conducting efficiency health checks.